Ubisoft: Why Watch Dogs On PC Had Hidden Graphics Files Explanation

Bullet Jun 20, 2014

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    Earlier this week we reported that a modder going by the name of 'TheWorse' had tweaked some files that were found inside the PC version of Watch Dogs that not only improved graphics, but also performance. Of course speculation and accusation soon led to rumor that Ubisoft had downgraded the PC version of the Hacktivist tile.

    At E3 in 2012 we were shown an amazing looking version of Watch Dogs with beautiful lighting and effects, a far cry from what we actually received two years on. The mods that only weight in at 60mb actually made the game resemble the game we saw in 2012.

    Ubisoft have responded to accusations of downgrading the game, and explained why the game files were there defending the choice not to use the render settings that 'Modders' had found and utilised:
    The expalnation above was taken directly from Ubisofts website, but has been met with a negative response from gamers that claim the mod not only improves frame rates but also has better camera angles, shading and lighting resulting in a smoother and better looking game.

    Have you used the mod, do you agree that it actually improves the games performance, or have you found that it has a negative impact, either way we would like to here from you in the comments below.
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