Two Worlds 1 - Save Help Needed!

BinaryBailey Nov 6, 2013

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    Hi Everyone,

    Have recently got back into this game (why some of you might ask) but I really enjoyed it and wanted to play it through again and mop up some achievements etc.

    I have read several guides on the internet on how to mod the save files as I want to max out my gold, xp and skill points at the very start of the game.

    The process as I understand it as as follows:

    1. Export the "savefile" file from the main save in horizon
    2. Use Packzip to extract the .dat file (I managed to find a version compatible with Win 8)
    3. Edit the hex in HxD, I wanted 99999999 gold which I understand to be 3B9AC9FF in hex and from what I have read I have to turn this back to front to FFC99A3B in the .dat file.
    4. Use Packzip again to merge the edited .dat file in the "savefile"
    5. Use the save resigner to correct the checksum, I have several versions of this tool and have most success with one called TwoWorldsChecksum.exe
    6. Use horizon to insert the savefile back into the main save

    I can load up the game fine and select the save file but when the game loads the progress bar goes so far at the bottom of the screen and then freezes so must be going wrong somewhere?

    Any ideas or assistance would be appreciated!



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