Two Shooter DLCs Out Now/Soon

Grizzy Feb 21, 2018

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    Just in the past 48 hours we got some video teasers for two new DLCs that will be dropping soon. The first is the trailer for the newest Battlefield 1 expansion “Apocalypse”, and the second is gameplay from the new co-op event that is part of upcoming Rainbow Six Seige DLC “Operation Chimera”.

    "Apocalypse" is available now (for Premium members), and "Operation Chimera" will be here March 6th -- and both DLCs will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

    Any of you out there still playing Battlefield? If not, well this trailer might get you back into it. Honestly, Battlefield 1 hasn’t really crossed my mind since Call of Duty: WWII came out (not to mention the slew of other awesome competitive shooters out there these days), but this trailer got me pumped.

    This will be the fourth and final DLC for Battlefield 1 and they may have saved the best for last. The other expansions for the game have decent scores on metacritic, but nothing groundbreaking.

    "Operation Chimera" is Rainbow Six Seige’s latest DLC, and it will be dropping on March 6th. The biggest changes this DLC brings are the two new operators Finka and Lion (which you can read about here), and the interesting co-op event “Apolcalypse” -- which we’ve got gameplay from below:

    This co-op event, which will be around for just a month, will put you and your two other teammates against an alien invasion in the middle of New Mexico. There will be three missions in this event, and the trusty Smoke, Ash, Doc, Glaz, Kapkan, Tachanka, Buck, Ying, and Recruit will be available along with the new operators Finka and Lion who I mentioned above.

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