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Iamcoolz Jul 29, 2014

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    So recently, I and some of my friends have had some issues with Xbox One not reading some discs, and one of my friends had a grinding issue.

    Xbox One - Reading Disc Errors

    So it seems sometimes, the Xbox One refuses to read any game I would insert. I even checked the disc and saw absolutely no scratches and nothing wrong with the disc. I took a micro-fiber cloth, which you can easily buy one of these for cheap, and I put a touch of water on the edge of the rag, wiped the back while holding around the disc, and all the way acrossed until it was basically covered in a light coat of water, then took the other side and wiped it all off and then continued wipe it until it was back to clear. This for some reason allows the Xbox One to read it.. to be honest, the blu-ray for the Xbox One was a complete utter waste of time in my eyes, as I would rather just go buy a whole new blu-ray player then have a console that can't read games and messes up constantly.

    Xbox One - Grinding Errors

    My friends Xbox One made a grinding sound when you would insert a game, and it was rather annoying. I looked it up and there is a video of a man who flips his xbox one upside down, puts it at a angle with the disc part up, and he proceeds to hit the Xbox.. you know I figured, this guy is insane. But it does work, it seems to knock the CD Drive back into position.. however, Xbox Ones come with a one year warranty from the original date of purchase.. please take advantage of this. They also offer a 90 day warranty for accessories.. and should be used if applicable. My friend was unaware of this and I was also, we called Microsoft, after about 10 minutes on the phone with their support, they got a box sent out to his house within a week, and he boxed it up, sent it back, and they repaired it no charge. It now runs like it should.

    You can read more about the warranty process here -


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