[TUTORIAL] Unlock Halo Reach Armour Via Waypoint

JordanE Oct 10, 2010

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    To do this, you will need:
    WinRar-Link (Needed to open all the programs listed)
    Profile Editor v2 or higher-Link extraction password is:calimodz
    Hash Block Calculator-Link

    After you download all those programs, you want to do the following steps(USB):

    1.Move profile from hard drive to the USB.*skip steps 1 and 2 if you are using a Transfer Cable*
    2.Take the USB, put it into the computer.
    3.Open up Modio, Click on the big "M" in the top lefthand corner of the screen.*Read from here down if you have a transfer cable*
    4.Scroll down to "explore my device"
    5.Click "File"then "open/close device"
    6.Open the "Content" folder
    7.Open your profile's folder(should have your gamertag as the title)
    8.Open "profile storage" folder
    9.Open "profiles"
    10.There will be a file titled with a E then numbers and letters (Example: E00001F3456E890)
    11.Drag that file to your desktop(leave modio and your device open) Minimize Modio
    12.Open up "profile editor"
    13.Click "open" and choose the file you put on your desktop via modio.
    14.It will show all the games you have played and the achievements you have gotten for them. To get the armor, you must have played: Halo 3, Halo 3:ODST, Halo Wars, and Halo Reach.
    15.To edit achievements, choose the game you want, and click "unlock all(offline)" a message will pop up, just click "ok"
    16.After you unlock all the achievements for all the Halo games (or more), go back to "file" then save.
    17.Open up "Hash Block Calculator"
    18.Go to "file" and open your profile (it should be a big list of #s a and letters)
    19.Go to "tools" and "calculate hash blocks"
    20.After it says "done", maximize Modio back
    21.Drag and drop your profile bach into your USB or HDD
    22.Put your USB or HDD back into your Xbox
    23.Unplug your Ethernet cable or wireless adapter
    24.Sign into your profile (offline)
    25.Plug in your adapter or ethernet cable
    26.Sign into Xbox Live
    27.Look at your achievements, make sure they all loaded, stay logged in for at least 10 mins letting your achievements load.
    YOU ARE NOW DONE, CONGRATULATIONS!! Here is an extended tutorial on what to do after you mod your gamerscore due to request
    28.Open Halo Waypoint and let it load up
    29.Click on "career"
    30.Click on "scan achievements" and there ya go

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