[TUTORIAL] How to Switch Weapons with Wonderwaffle/Death Machine

XPGBuSh Jun 8, 2011

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    -Someone to leave the game that is not host
    -A Wonderwaffle/Death Machine powerup
    -A smart brain
    -At LEAST 3 people in game

    1. Get someone to down themselves that is not host for at least 20 seconds before the other person/two people do.

    2. Once that person is about to die (red), get the other person/two people to down themselves. One of those people must down themselves in the water.

    3. Everyone should be down at this point except for one person. When the first person dies (IMPORTANT STEP), You need to either: reload your wonderwaffle and as you're doing it he leaves the game right before it finishes reloading (only wonderwaffle for this part), OR get the person to leave while you are reviving someone in the water with the death machine after you do the 3 gun glitch with the death machine (do it on one of the downed people in the water) (get no gun in you hand while the icon is still there for death machine) (only death machine for this part).

    4. It should switch your weapon to a different weapon. That is the whole objective of this. If you have the wonderwaffle, then you need to waste all the ammo of the current weapon in your hand (shouldn't be the wonderwaffle) until you get the wonderwaffle back. The little icon will disappear BUT you have the wonderwaffle still. You MIGHT be able to switch weapons now, but I'm not sure. I DON'T know if it will stay as a weapon you can use, but I DO know you can switch weapons back and forth with the wonderwaffle now. If you have the Death Machine, get downed and get someone to revive you. You should have the death machine as one of your weapons. INFINITE. That's right. Enjoy.

    5. Enjoy your new Wonderwaffle as a weapon slot/ Infinite Death Machine!

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