[TUTORIAL] How To Mod Your Controller

XPGBuSh May 15, 2011

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    This is how to add mods to your xbox controller? Playing Xbox is amazing.There is lots of different things to do.The best thing to have in your hand is a modded controller

    To mod an Xbox 360 controller you will need the following:

    30 AWG electric wire
    Colored surface mount LED's
    Hot glue
    Portable drill
    Utility knife
    Wire cutter
    Wire stripper
    Hot glue gun
    Soldering iron
    Philips jeweler's screwdriver

    STEP ONE.Put newspaper out on the table. Place controller face down on the newspaper. Take the screws out of the back with your Philips jeweler's screwdriver. Scratch off serial sticker using the screwdriver, then take the screw from beneath the sticker. Take the bottom part of your controller and put it inside.

    STEP TWO.Take controller apart. You will need to remove each part of the controller. The buttons, the rubber contact pads, the thumb stick, the D-Pad and the front as well as back inserts from the controller. Make sure all parts of the controller are placed somewhere like a cup so that none of the small pieces are lost.

    Heat up your soldering iron. Touch the tip of the soldering iron with each of the four LEDs that surrounds the circuit board near their contact points. Take out the LEDs with tweezers. Put the four colored LEDs inside the circuit board and replace the four that were removed. Use the solder on each of the contacts and let the solder cool

    STEP FOUR.Remove the Xbox 360 dome button from your controller. Remove the status ring and the guide button out of your dome button. Place the dome button down on the newspaper with the open end facing up. Insert some hot glue into the dome button. Place three colored LEDs into the hot glue where the contact legs stick up and let the glue set.

    STEP FIVE.Connect the LEDs pin. You will need to start with one LED then bend the negative contact pin toward the positive contact pin of the LED beside it. You will repeat this step until all of the pins except the first one's positive pin and the last one's negative pin has been bent toward one another. Solder all of the pins to hold them in position.

    STEP SIX.Cut two pieces of six inch long electric wire. You can use the wire cutters to cut the electric wire. You will need to strip the insulation off of both ends of your wire strippers. Solder the end of one wire of the positive contact from the LED that has not been bent. You then need to solder one end of the other wire from the negative contact from the other LED that has not been bent. Put the status ring and the guide button back into your Xbox 360 dome button and put the dome button back in the shell of the controller.

    STEP SEVEN.Grab and flip the circuit board over. Solder one end of the resistor of the positive contact near the USB cable that is attached to the circuit board. You will then solder the free end of the positive wire of the other contact on the resistor. Solder the free end of your negative contact at which the USB cable attaches to the circuit board. From here you can attach all the the buttons and pieces of the Xbox controller together and enjoy your new modded controller XMB hope you engoyed thanks.



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