[TUT] Xbox won't power on fix[TUT]

CopperniX Aug 13, 2012

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    First let me point out this IS NOT a "fix all" for xbox's and you undertake it with the understanding that Myself (CopperniX) and XPG are not responsible if you mess it up. To tell if this fix will work your xbox may be making a zapping sound.

    Now onto the tutorial

    Most Xbox's are manufactured with the Foxlink PSU which is prone to be unreliable.

    Things needed:
    > Your Xbox
    >Torx 20 screwdriver
    > Torx 10 screwdriver
    > 15 watt soldering iron
    > small gauge solder

    Useful items:
    > X-acto knife
    > Rubbing alcohol
    > Q-tips
    > Sandpaper

    1) Flip your xbox over and remove the rubber feet. Using the torx 20 screwdriver remove the screws, Remove serial and warning labels to remove the final screws.

    2) Remove the cover and disconnect the HDD

    3) Remove the screw adjacent to HDD to remove HDD tray

    4) There is a connect on the motherboard, for newer xbox's, pull one side then the other to disconnect.

    5) Remove the 2 screws holding the PSU to the board (front and rear)

    6) Carefully remove the PSU itself

    7) Flip the PSU over, then find the blackened soldier tab and remove it as well as any vaporized solder using alcohol, knife or sandpaper

    8) warm the iron then tin the tip (with solder) when it is hot, apply solder generously on the tab until it is hidden by solder, Be careful not to spread solder to other circuits or you run the risk of blowing it up.

    9) reassemble your xbox and try out your 'new' PSU.

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