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CopperniX Aug 13, 2012

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    There are a few ways to tell which model of xbox motherboard you have and its easy to figure out. Credit to The Iso Zone.

    These simple steps will help you indentify which board version you have.

    1) Check power supply
    2) Check video encoder
    3) Check memory (RAM)

    If it has a fan on the heatsink it is version 1.0. The version 1.0 and 1.1 both have identical looks apart from two key things.

    1) The 1.0 board has a heatsink and fan where as 1.1 has no fan on the heatsink
    2) 1.0 is the only version that has a USB controller daughter board

    The version 10. and 1.1 boards have a single row of pins on the power connection socket on the board.

    All other versions 1.2 and above have twin lines of power connection pins.

    Check the ATX power supply

    1.0 and 1.1 have a single row of connectors on the power wires
    1.2-1.5 has a double row and orange wires on the connector
    1.6 has a double row and no orange wires

    1.2-1.5 can be further distinguished by the video encoder used (located at the back of the board near video connector)

    1.2-1.3 uses Connexant video encoder
    1.4-1.5 uses Focus video encoder
    1.6a/b uses Xcalibur video encoder

    And for 1.6 further between 1.6a and 1.6b is the type of RAM

    1.6A uses Samsung RAM
    1.6B uses Hynix RAM

    RAM is located at the lower left corner of the heatsink (facing front of xbox)

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