TU9 Black Ops 1 Trainer?

Nogi Sep 22, 2021

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    Sep 11, 2021
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    There any old Black Ops TU9 Trainers for zombies that include max points? There an achievement that won't pop when I play solo on TU11 and looking into it only way to fix the issue is to earn in a online lobby or play on TU9. Never had issues with this achievement before but it didn't work when I hooked up RGH online, or played solo for me and I had no issues getting it on the PS3 or getting it on the xbox 360 in the past so it is strange. Mean I could try doing it legit on TU9 but it could take hours get from the mystery box legit and if it is still glitched on TU9 then I would have wasted hours of my life for nothing. Tried earning it on a English and Spanish version on two different Xboxes and still no good.

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