[Trainer]Hitman 2 & Contracts +4 Cheats Trainer

t3fury Sep 13, 2013

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    This free download is a cheat trainer for Hitman Contracts. This includes Hitman 2: Silent assasin, Hitman Contracts, Hitman Blood Money.

    Activate Trainer Start+Dpad up

    Trainer Codes
    Dpad Down(x4) - All Hitman 2 Cheats Activated

    Dpad Up(x4) - All Hitman Contracts Cheats Activated

    Y(x4) - Infinite Health Hitman 2

    RB(x4) - Infinite Health Hitman Contracts

    LB(x4) - Infinite Ammo Hitman Contracts

    X(x4) - Infinite Ammo Hitman


    Download It​

    Extract it​

    Transfer To your Xbox via your usual method​

    Boot Hitman Trilogy Trainer_Loader.xex​

    Boot Hitman Trilogy​

    Press Back+Start​

    Activate Your Cheats​

    Your Good to go​

    Created By Me t3fury​

    Tested Title ID 5351081C

    Should Work On ALL​

    Also Tested On Split Separate Games Which Also Works Perfectly​

    Enjoy t3 ;)
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    cheers guys

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