Total_Noobs SaveStates Plugin for TN-V coming soon!

scunnyemce Jan 26, 2014

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    Don’t we all hate that we have to reach a specific point in a game, so we are able to save? Wouldn’t it be easier if we could save when ever we want, where ever we want? Would you like to get a second chance without replaying the last 10 minutes?
    Don’t worry, because TN’s SaveState Plugin for his TN-V eCFW can help you with these problem!

    SaveStates – Saving when ever you want, where ever you want!

    Total_Noobs newest plugin, TN SaveStates, allows you to save a game when ever you want, where ever you want! You can access the TN SaveStates menu from within any PSP game within the TN-V eCFW and you can save your game at the exact moment you want to.
    Currently in the loading screen right before an important race? Just save. Is it your turn in a sports game and you dont want to mess up? Just save. You have a 50:50 chance at winning or failing a game? Just save.
    Total_Noob ported the well known SaveStates plugin from the PSP to the PS Vita (ePSP), and also enhances it! Now you can’t only save and load your savestates how you want, but it seems also to be possible to swap between multiple games via saving/loading the savestates. This is a great feature!
    Enough good news? I don’t think so. Where the old savestates failed, at the PSP 1000 devices – you know, those limited to 32MB RAM – can TNs SaveStates plugin succeed.
    Total_Noobs SaveState plugin seems to be compatible with the non-64MB RAM TN-V eCFWs, which means it will be possible to use it, regardless of your PS Vita firmware (a working version of the TN-V7 eCFW is necessary!).
    Be sure to check Hackinformers video at the top of the news and be patient for the official release of Total_Noobs SaveStates Plugin for his TN-V eCFW!
    Source via Hackinformer

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