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Total War: Rome II XPGDaniel Review

OfficialSilas Aug 18, 2014

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    Total War Rome II, one of the most awarded strategic game at E3 2013. The game was developed by The Creative Assembly. Which was also published bu Sega. September 3 2013. They're many Total Wars games out there. But my favourite would have to be Total War Shogun II and Rome II. This review will be based on all my knowledge on Total War Rome II as I got the game the first week it was released. And I am still playing this game this day.


    The Graphics
    Now, people were amazed with the graphics on the video that The Creative Assembly produced. I was literately shaking because it has been the best graphics on a Total War game that iv'e played. And believe me, Iv'e played a lot of them. When I first started the game It was mediocre graphics but has gradually improved. With the new option called ''Mod Manager'', it allows you to install Mods for your game to make it your specifications. Now, I wanted the best graphics possible and so I have 8 Mods to make me game look smooth and realistic.


    Great Features
    They're are many great features that have been released over the period of time. But my favourite would have to be the ''Blood & Gore''. It's basically a option to turn your battles into a realistic fight with arms, heads, legs and other body parts being chopped off in combat. It gives you that realistic feel when watching your armies combine.


    Now, if you're thinking to yourself, yeah multiplayer will be easy, it's not. I had that big confidence and I got my butt smacked and was very upset. Even with the strongest faction in the game which is Rome, I would loose. To be strategic, you need to be a thinker. Predicting an opponents army before battle is hard and takes skill. Unfortunately for me, I always make a skirmish spam to destroy basically any unit on the battlefield which costs an arm and leg. But is also very hard to protect. In saying this, there is much to improve on online, some of the units that are in the game are just to overpowered for there price. If you play the game, you would of come across a cavalry unit called ''Baktrian Noble Horse''. Those guys are just to overpowered for 850 denerii. Also there is many other units like Roman Armour-ed legionaries etc but they're are YouTubers like ''HeirOfCarthage'' already discussing this issue with his fellow subscribers, me being one of the.

    Now, campaign is so fun to play, weather being playing or solo or co-op. I like to play my campaign with Mods because it makes the game run smooth and you can also choose better graphics and choose other options like 4 turns per year, new buildings etc. Even with the cool add-ons they're many things to be updates, for example, the AI's climbing the fort is messed up, they drop there ladders and just charge for the gates and just get pelted with arrows, also the AI Agents are just stupidly positioned and are always there to annoy you.


    In my conclusion, this game has positive and also negative parts. But overall, it's a fun and enjoyable game. But to play this game, you need a strategic mind (IMO). But just guessing armies can also get you a victory but very small percentage. If you have got this game, just PM me your Steam name and i'll happily add you and play with you. And if you don't have this game, make sure to have a think about purchasing the game, it's worth it (IMO).

    Thanks for reading my review, don't worry, they're more to come ;)

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