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FatPat666 Aug 6, 2014

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    Destiny's beta may have only been open to players for a limited window, but it was enough time for some players to become downright experts. The video above documents the exploits of one such player, who, in a few short moments, will put to rest any notion you might have had about being good at Destiny.
    The video showcases some of player LikeButta's best moments in the beta. Most impressive, I think, are the headshots that are pulled off in the video, as well as the lack of fusion rifles being used, which I found to be the beta's most effective weapons. LikeButta denies accusations of keyboard-and-mouse use (which would allow for more fine-tuned aiming), saying in the video's description that this was all done with a standard PlayStation 4 controller.
    LikeButta is ranked as the top player in the beta, according to fan site DestinyTracker. The site's leaderboards tabulates the total score players earned in Destiny's competitive multiplayer mode, the Crucible. With a total score of more than 2.1 million, LikeButta's score far exceeds any other player tracked on its leaderboards, which includes players from both Xbox and PlayStation platforms.
    This doesn't necessarily make LikeButta the game's best player, but it certainly makes him or her one of the most devoted, with 436 games played. And it's a feather in my cap that my kills- and score-per-game averages aren't terribly far behind LikeButta's.
    The full version of Destiny releases on September 9. Two different special editions will be available alongside the standard game, although the most expensive version has proven to be limited enough that it's reselling for hundreds of dollars of eBay. If competitive multiplayer isn't your scene, you'll still have endgame content in the form of raids, though you'll need friends in order to tackle those due to a lack of matchmaking.


    An that right there is some awesome gameplay. What do you guys think?

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