Top 5 Winterboard Themes for 7.x.x

i4xEdge Aug 12, 2014

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    Winterboard is an application you are able to download by jailbreaking your iDevice.
    Simple ways to jailbreak here -> (iOS 4-GreenPois0n, iOS5-Redsn0w, iOS6<>7.0.6-Evasi0n, iOS7.x.x-Pangu)
    Once jailbroken, you can download this application in the Cydia/Telesphoreo repo already added to your Cydia Application.

    Also, for free premium themes, add the repo HackYourIPhone ( by tapping the 'Sources' tab, clicking the 'Edit' Button and pressing add. Then proceed to type in the repo's URL.

    Anyway, onto the top 5 themes for Winterboard.

    1. Ic0n7
    Ic0n7 is a clean, simple icon pack for many apps/games/tweaks, revamping Apple's original icons. This isn't a favorite of mine, but is overall a very sweet and simple remake of the default.

    2. Translucent
    Translucent takes theming to a new level. Using outlines of the default pack, the creator, Subordination, has cut out the colours to blend into your background. A very creative, unique theme for anyone.

    3. Flawless HD (Varies in blue or orange) (7.2.1 < iOS 7+)
    Flawless HD has to be my favorite theme I've seen. I would suggest the blue version personally as the orange isn't as nice in my opinion. I love the fact that it blends in perfectly with the dynamic wallpapers loaded onto the iPhone. Comes with not only the theme, but two lockscreens with the tweak GroovyLock, and two iWidgets. As stated in it's description, more colors will be available soon.

    4. ayecon (iOS 7)
    Coming packed by an amazing coder, Surenix, this takes iOS 7 back to it's predecessor, iOS 6. Going back, iOS 6 was and still is liked more than iOS 7. Definitely download if you want the features of iOS 7 while styled as an iOS 6 device.

    5. Clarity2
    Clarity is the simpler version of iOS 7, crisp, clean and redone. Looking at its best, this is an amazing theme with much to take for itself.

    I hope you agree with the list, and if you have downloaded themes you like from BiteYourApple, please do the authors a huge favor by buying their themes, as they work hard to make these for us.
    Hopefully there will be more of these lists soon. See ya!

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