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ClunyTheScourge Dec 8, 2017

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    From the moment I stepped into the dark and creepy world of Don’t Starve Together, I immediately knew my social life will be put on hold. It is one of those games that you can’t get enough of, and will eventually spend over hundreds of hours playing it.


    Let me put you up to speed:

    Don’t Starve Together is a multiplayer game developed by Klei Entertainment. It is a sequel to the already successful game, ‘Don’t Starve’. It is a survival game where you and a few others team up, and try not to starve in a harsh and hostile environment. Together, you’ll gather grass, mine stones, chop wood, and before you know it, you’ll be cooking a delicious pair of frog’s legs.

    Once you feel you’ve accomplished all that can be done in the game, boredom strikes in but that’s where MODS come into play. With thousands of MODS that you can download for free, it’s almost impossible for you to test them all.

    That is why we offer you our top 5, hand-picked fun character mods you should try. For players to still feel the essence and the challenges of the game, we have picked only well-balanced characters that can identify with the world that is ‘Don’t Starve Together’.

    Jack Torrance


    Does the name sound familiar to you? Yes? Well that is Fantastic!

    This mod is based from the possessed and deranged character in the movie called ‘The Shining’. It amazingly captures the character’s nature of speech and gestures well. What I like about this character is its simplicity that it adds to the game. It isn’t overpowered and blends perfectly well with the darkness and creepiness of the game.

    Character Stats:

    Health – 180

    Hunger – 150

    Sanity – 80


    Similar to woody, Jack starts with an axe.

    When sanity drops down below 45, his damage and speed is increased.

    Geralt of Rivia


    Every once in a while, we feel the need to hack and slash our way to victory, and that is what Geralt from the ‘Witcher’ series offers. He brings with him his own two swords, and his skills of monster hunting. What better place to hunt monsters than in DST, am I right? Probably a lot more, but you have to admit his brooding nature is just what the game is looking for.

    Character Stats:

    Health – 175

    Hunger – 190

    Sanity – 190


    He has his own two Swords.

    Sanity degenerates slower than normal when faced with a monster.

    Can cast magic signs.

    Link, The Hero


    Although there are no pots to break, no puzzles to solve and no Zelda to rescue, Link can still be fun to play with in DST. He has more perks than the average characters, but does have a hunger issue to balance it out a little bit.

    Character Stats:

    Health – Undetermined

    Hunger – Undetermined

    Sanity – Undetermined


    He has his own swords capable of downing trees and dealing high damage.

    Comes with a shield that has lower damage absorption than log suit.

    A set of tunic that can be used to nullify fire and cold damage.

    He can craft swords and shields that are less valuable than spears and grass suits.



    Who doesn’t want a Gollum in their game? This mod is inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s character in Lord of the Rings. What’s amazing is he has the ring. The one ring that can rule them all! If you’re a fan of the series, you don’t want to miss out on trying this character. It is well-balanced and has the perks of a true Gollum.

    Character Stats:

    Health – 140

    Hunger – 140

    Sanity – 160


    Has the ring that is full of magic, including of course invisibility.

    Loves meat, and thus gives him more sanity, except when cooked.

    He is faster than the average, but is weaker in terms of combat.



    Clementine is strong and semi-independent girl, well-experienced in a variety of survival situations. She is a character adaptation from Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead. She brings her wits into the game, but instead of dealing with zombies and crazed people, she now deals with monsters, which is basically the same.

    Character Stats:

    Health – 125

    Hunger – 150

    Sanity – 150


    She is 20% faster than the standard speed, but has a handicap in damage.

    Has her father’s hat which gives her a small sanity boost.

    Has her walkie-talkie that can be used for mining.

    Final Thoughts:

    There are a lot more character mods that are available to your choosing. Take note however, most of them are somewhat overpowered, and some are just plain boring. You should also remember, some of these listed mods are ‘unfinished’ and some are buggy.

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