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Tomb Raider, Dead Nation free to US PS Plus subs tomorrow

Rocky Mar 3, 2014

  1. Ro

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    Square Enix's critically acclaimed Tomb Raider reboot will be free to download to US PlayStation Plus subscribers for PS3 from tomorrow March 4.

    Tomb Raider joins the PS3 US Instant Game Collection as part of tomorrow's PS Store update, which will also bring a new Instant Game Collection title for PS4 owners - Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition.

    Note that the Tomb Raider in question is the original version for PS3 and not Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, which brought upgraded graphics to PS4 in January.

    These are two of six games that have been confirmed for the US Instant Game Collection in March. Puzzle platformer Thomas Was Alone and side-scrolling survival horror game Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut are inbound later this month, along with Vita exclusives Unit 13 and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

    PS3 game Ibb & obb will be removed from the IGC on March 11.


    Source - CVG
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    looking forward to dead nation - if I can get off playing south park sot haha >.<
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