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fernandezpeters Dec 10, 2013

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    Dec 10, 2013
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    Hello everybody, I'm Braian. It's my first time ever being in a forum so I have no idea how this works. I only came with a question. It comes that I downloaded the title updates of Assassin's creed III, trying to fix all of those bugs. When I try to inject them into a pendrive (and from there, to the xbox 360) with the Horizon aplication, it sometimes says: Do you want to overwrite the file? I downloaded all of the updates, and all of them are different. I don't know why they overwrite themselves. When I finally pass them to my xbox, it seems that I only have three updates, and not the eight I downloaded. It's somewhat complicated and I don't know if I explained it properly. Plus I don't know much english. Sorry for the mistakes and everything. Hope you can help me. Thank you very much!

    *Why is every update called TU00000004_00000000????

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