TitanFall Xbox One Limited Edition Fake?

Bullet Jan 30, 2014

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    You may have already seen the very convincing looking image that is currently doing the rounds around various blogs which seemingly shows that there may be a 'TitanFall Xbox One Limited Edition' console on its way.


    The image above certainly does look real enough apart from the missing Kinect and you may have noticed that the side image doesn't match up with the front image.

    It maybe that this image is just a mock up of the actual design that is rumored to be shipped out in March alongside the anticipated TitanFall. The special edition is also reported to have a bigger internal storage device upping the drive size to a 1TB HDD which is double that of the current standard consoles.

    What do you think, is this real or rumor and if it is real, will you get one?

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    I'd be kinda mad if they sell it at relatively the same price with 2x the harddrive. why hurt the people who preordered and supported them?

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