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Titanfall Title Update Four Detailed for Xbox One

SirFiras47 Jun 25, 2014

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    Respawn Entertainment has detailed the next Title Update coming to Titanfall on Xbox One. Before I get into all the cool stuff it adds, let me first touch on the bad news. Either they do not understand the words they used - or they flat out changed their minds - but it looks like Titanfall will not have achievements "added to the base game" as they previously stated. Among the other details in their recent blog post, they dropped the bomb that the Expedition DLC released back on May 15th for $9.99 will be required for new achievements coming soon to Titanfall. So, yeah, there's that.

    Now, on to the good news! There are a lot of awesome new things coming soon to your Titanfall experience.

    • Featured Game Modes: Limited edition game modes that will rotate and possibly return based on demand. The first mode will be "Marked For Death" - a 6v6 leader type game mode where you hunt a specific player, which will be followed by Wingman Last Titan Standing - a 2v2 version of the existing game mode.

    • Titan Burn Cards: 14 new cards tailored specifically to beefing up your Titan.

    • Titan Insignias: Unlocked by completing the game's various challenges (unclear if they lock when you regenerate). Two exclusive insignias created by Penny Arcade, and one exclusive insignia for those who complete the Generation 5 "Gooser" challenge before its requirement was reduced.
    Titan Voices: Keep the classic "Betty" voice, or choose the new Jeeves and Lisa options. There will also be new scripted dialogue to help you during the matches.
    Auto-Titans: They will now use all abilities and in more useful situations, i.e. Electric Smoke (if equipped) while being rodeoed.

    • Burn Cards: Maximum deck increased to 46 cards (at Generation 10), increasing by 6 cards every time you Regenerate. Also introduces a new "overflow protection" when unlocking a rare card while at maximum capacity, allowing you to discard a less useful card before equipping any new cards to make room.

    •Chasis Unlocks: Campaign mode no longer required to unlock the Stryder (Level 15) and Ogre (Level 30). Using the Campaign to unlock them is still an option, however.
    There are plenty of other little nuggets and tweaks to the experience. My personal favorite change (as a Stryder lover) is the nerf to the Ogre's Big Punch ability. It was OP, admit it. Title Update Four will be "coming soon" to Titanfall on Xbox One. We'll post the achievements for the Expedition DLC as soon as they are available.



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