TitanFall Suffers From 'Server Not Found' Error

Bullet May 7, 2014

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    TitanFall has been suffering with a 'No Server Found' error as the power of Cloud failed when trying to find your team mates to game online with yesterday.

    "Microsoft has confirmed a flaw in Titanfall, the futuristic first-person shooter exclusive to Windows, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, which has stopped players from connecting to multiplayer servers.
    Titanfall's matchmaking system - which finds players and places them into games together - runs on Microsoft's Xbox Live Compute Cloud.
    A flaw in this system has resulted in players receiving "No Server Found" errors, despite being connected to Xbox Live. The same problem also affects the Windows port, which uses the same servers for matchmaking and selected other Xbox One games.
    Microsoft has confirmed there is a problem, but has made changes to the way the system operates to fix the flaw. At the time of writing the system was back up and running but it isn't yet known if the same issue is likely to occur again."

    We are always being told that cloud power is the way forward for the Xbox One, and they could be right... until things go wrong that is, epsecially with a game like TitanFall where there is no offline single player portion of the game to go play when there are online issues.

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