Titanfall private lobbies, companion app coming soon

xpghax Mar 13, 2014

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    Titanfall will soon receive support for private lobbies, improved matchmaking, and a mobile companion app, according to producer Drew McCoy.

    McCoy sought questions about the fast-paced online shooter on Twitter. Over the course of an hour, he shed light on the near future of Titanfall through dozens of answers to fan queries.


    McCoy said Respawn Entertainment is already working on adding private lobbies to the game so players can face off against opponents of choice. Meanwhile, it's collecting data to tweak matchmaking for public lobbies.

    New game modes are on the drawing board too, but it's unlikely that players will see any more than 6 vs. 6 matches any time soon.

    "Any change, especially player count, is a huge deal for a tightly designed game like this," McCoy told a fan. "More than you could imagine."

    Though Respawn is working on improving performance and increasing resolution on Xbox One, McCoy made no guarantees that the next-gen console version will expand from 792p. The 60 FPS frame rate cap on PC is "being worked on".

    A mobile companion app which was delayed past the game's launch is "coming soon", McCoy said.

    CVG's Titanfall review concluded: "Thrillingly chaotic and expertly tuned, Titanfall is a fairly orthodox FPS elevated to greatness by dozens of intelligent design choices." See what other critics thought of the game in our Titanfall review round-up.

    The Xbox 360 Titanfall release date is March 25 in the US and March 28 in Europe.

    source: CVG

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