TitanFall New Map Screenshots Revealed

Bullet Sep 15, 2014

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    Respawn Entertainment have revealed the first screenshots for the upcoming map which will be called 'Zone 18'.
    If you get annoyed by snipers sitting up in the rooftops then you will love this new map, because according to Geoff Smith this map will eliminate that scenario:


    "In most of Titanfall’s levels, pilots climb to the highest rooftops for safety and to gain a better firing advantage, but in doing this they get separated from other pilots, friendly and enemy. I wanted to see what would happen if most of the rooftops were the same height, so it would be harder just to sit up high and avoid the ground combat."


    There are also lots of underground tunnels to try force pilots into close quarters combat. There should be a lot more action above and below ground on this map.
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