Titanfall gets Xbox SmartGlass support

Rocky Feb 6, 2014

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    Respawn's Titanfall will support SmartGlass, Microsoft's tablet/mobile crossover app, as revealed by the official Twitter account. Quite what the functionality involves remains to be seen, however.

    Here's the Tweet in question. There's no mention of whether SmartGlass is supported on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One - Respawn isn't developing the old gen version, remember.

    Sage @Sagemaster2000
    @titanfallgame Is there any information you can release regarding Xbox Smartglass and Titanfall. Will there be any integration?

    Titanfall @Titanfallgame
    @Sagemaster2000 Titanfall will support Smart Glass. We will have more details on this in the future.

    Got time for a few theories/hare-brained suggestions? Here we go. One, a second screen map. This would probably be the most prosaic use of SmartGlass in Titanfall, and I can't see it getting too much love - the on-screen radar is perfectly adequate, and there are (hint hint) other ways to get a sense of the lay of the land.




    Two! The ability to command Titans to some degree using SmartGlass. There are only two such commands in the main game, "guard" and "follow", because Respawn doesn't want to overload the player with strategic considerations, but the ability to drop a waypoint using a second screen map could be handy.

    Three! The ability to actually control a Titan directly using SmartGlass while controlling a Pilot with a controller. Of course, this would require (a) the game to stream live gameplay to the device, and (b) two pairs of hands (couch co-op, anyone?). Not that feasible, then, but a nice option to have.

    Any others to offer? Titanfall hits shelves in March, and a public Xbox One beta will take place in the next few weeks.

    Source - OXM

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