Titanfall Gets Australian Servers Tomorrow, Respawn Lists Incoming Updates

Rocky Mar 13, 2014

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    Dedicated local servers for Titanfall are set to go online for Australia and Oceania from Friday, ensuring that gamers down under can look forward to playing Respawn's multiplayer game with a good ping and hopefully no latency.

    "Aussie servers coming online, starting Friday morning and building capacity each day! Combined EA/MS/Respawn effort to make it happen!" Respawn's Vince Zampella declared via Twitter, ahead of the official word from EA Australia below.

    “EA, Respawn and Microsoft are excited to share the news that Titanfall players based in Australia and New Zealand will be able to connect to Australian-based servers on all platforms. We are confident this will give our Australian and New Zealand fans a great experience.“

    Producer Drew McCoy has also taken to Twitter to field questions about possible upcoming updates for Titanfall. These include a SmartGlass companion app, a fix for chat issues some players have been experiencing, and improvements to the game's matchmaking and lobbies.

    Quizzed on the prospect of bumping up TItanfall's 792p resolution to 1080p, McCoy replied that this could be something that "Maybe never" happens. "Working on improving performance alongside," he said. "We'll see how it goes..."

    And as for providing playlists for more than 6v6 matches? "Any change, especially playercount, is a huge deal for a tightly designed game like this. More than you could imagine," McCoy commented.

    Titanfall is out now for Xbox One and PC, and will be hitting Xbox 360 in a couple of weeks.

    Source - X360A
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    finally!! when i kill someone they die 2 minutes later, bloody lag.
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