Preview Titanfall 'Frontier's Edge' DLC announced

ADDZ Jul 8, 2014

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    Titanfall 'Frontier's Edge' DLC announced

    Second DLC pack will contain three new maps

    Respawn Entertainment has announced 'Frontier's Edge', the second DLC pack for Titanfall


    The DLC will feature three new maps "including the isolated mining outpost of Dig Site, the exclusive beach resort of Haven and the mining hub on the side of a mountain known as Export".

    Although the pack has not yet been given a release date, it will be available for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC priced at $9.99. It will also be one of the three packs available to Titanfall Season Pass owners at no additional cost.

    Resapwn recently released Expedition, the first of the three confirmed Titanfall DLC packs, which introduces three new multiplayer maps: Runoff, Swampland and War Games.


    Source: CVG

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