Titanfall: Expedition War Games Map Revealed and Detailed

Rocky Apr 24, 2014

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    Respawn has lifted the lid on the War Games map coming with Titanfall: Expedition, the game's first dose of DLC set to launch in May. War Games is a new map that's based in a virtual world and essentially mashes up sections of Angel City, Rise and Airbase Sierra to construct a new wallrunning-friendly environment for Pilots to battle it out.

    Described as a level that's "smooth, clean and abstract", War Games has been designed with "easy-to-read" spaces and wallrun paths in mind, drawing upon the key concept of creating a "parkour playground". Themed areas act as hardpoint zones, while flat, featureless training mission rooms lie in-between. IMC Pilots start by spawning in an Airbase building, with Marvins going about their business, and a tank repair garage.

    The Militia side of the map is based on Angel City, only at night time. It consists of spaced out buildings that encourage rooftop and window-to-window skirmishes, and houses a ground floor hardpoint acessible only to Pilots and AI troops. War Games also includes a central tower from the game's Rise map, with small interior rooms and a tight, vertiginous wallrun path through its middle that's both a shortcut for Pilots and a potential trap for Titans.

    War Games includes outer edges that use the clean simulator style that the designers and artists hope will act as a "more competitive field" for Last Titan Standing matches. Free of clutter and obstacles, they're ideal for Titans to do battle. "Glitching out" areas have also been included in certain areas of the map, to remind you that you're fighting inside a virtual simulator.

    "War Games is one of our most wallrunning friendly maps with a fun visual hook and plenty of space for Titans to engage in large scale battles," says Respawn in a post on its official Titanfall blog. Titanfall: Expedition will be available to download in May for $9.99 with the War Games map, alongside the Swamplands and Runoff maps, as well as new Burn Cards, Wingman Mode, Titan decals and more. It's also available with the Season Pass.






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