Titanfall Expedition Out Today + Update 3 Details!

Rocky Jun 17, 2014

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    Titanfall Expedition is out today on Xbox 360 following its release last month on Xbox One, developer Respawn has announced. The DLC introduces three new maps including Runoff, Swampland and War Games.

    “In the wake of the Battle of Demeter, IMC Expeditionary Forces travel deep into Frontier space to recover from their recent defeat,” says the blurb. “On an uncharted world, the IMC begin construction of a new fleet operations base, using newly acquired water collection and filtration plants to support the new base.

    “When drainage operations reveal ancient ruins and artefacts of an unknown origin in a nearby swamp, Spyglass activates an archaeological team to investigate the site. To maintain battle readiness at the new base, IMC Pilots use simulation pods to train for anticipated Militia raids, based on lessons learned in Angel City and IMC Airbase Sierra.”

    Alongside the DLC, Bungie is also releasing Update 3 for Xbox 360, introducing Private Matchmaking updates, Custom Loadout Names, Last Game Summary Improvements and more. You can see the full details below.

    Titanfall Expedition will cost $9.99 if purchased separately, or comes as part of the game’s $24.99 season pass. It’s the first of three expansions.



    Custom load-out names - You can now name your custom loadouts for both your Pilot and your Titan.

    2 dedicated Custom Loadouts per game mode - Each of these 2 loadouts become unlocked after playing the game mode 5 and 10 times respectively. These loadouts are only available in the game mode they are listed under. In a Private Lobby, all game mode loadouts can be customized. In a match lobby you can only customize the loadouts for the game mode about to be played.

    Last Game Summary improvements:

    Now shows the last game's scoreboard so you can view it from the lobby after the match.

    Now allows you to filter which challenges are displayed. You can toggle between "Most Progress Made" which was the original behavior, "Completed", or "Almost Complete"

    Challenges in the last game summary screen now show the reward the challenge will give when highlighted.

    Custom Private Match Settings (Beta) - We've added the first round of Custom Match Settings to the Private Match mode, so you can tweak the games you set up for friends and tournaments. More are coming and feedback is welcome. Options include:

    Score Limit

    Time Limit

    AI Lethality - Controls how tough and accurate Grunts and Spectres are.

    AI Types - Sets the allowed types of AI from drop pods and drop ships.

    Pilot Health - Gives pilots half, normal, or double health.

    Pilot Ammo - Gives pilots normal or reduced ammo.

    Titan First Build Time – Adjusts how long until players acquire their first titan.

    Titan Rebuild Time – Adjusts how long until players' replacement titans are ready.

    Titan Shield Capacity - Normal, half, double, or disabled.

    Minimap - Turns the HUD minimap on or off.

    Respawn Delay - How long players must wait before spawning in again.

    Extra Look Drift Guard - We added a new "High" setting to the "Look Drift Guard" controller option. This is useful for players experiencing and being bothered by view drift on their controllers. Players who prefer the original behavior should set this to "low".

    Level Stats - We added a new menu under "Personal Stats" showing statistics per map such as how many times you have played each game mode, or won each game mode. This allows players to easily track the achievement "I've Seen It All" requiring that you play each mode and every map.

    Campaign MP - The campaign menu now shows a small trophy icon for each faction for every level that you have won. This will allow easier tracking of which campaign levels you have won for the achievements "Militia Elite Pilot" and "IMC Elite Pilot".

    Regen Challenges - We found that some players erroneously believed that the requirement challenges for Regen only became available when they reached level 50. Now, when Regen challenges become available, they are marked as "new" with an exclamation point, so players know they can start progressing on the Regen Requirements.

    Amped Weapon pickup distinction - The pickup prompt for Amped Weapons dropped by other players will now show up in orange text.

    Scoreboard Icons - We have added two new scoreboard icons to provide additional awareness during play. One is an icon that indicates that a dead player's Auto-Titan is still alive. The other is an icon to differentiate players who have successfully evacuated during the Epilogue.


    Match win/loss credit - Players are now rewarded win/loss credit at the moment of Victory/Defeat, rather than after the post-game scoreboard period. You also now receive a loss if you leave a match before a winner is determined. Previously you received neither a win nor a loss if you quit before the post-game scoreboard.

    Normal Eject - Damage and area of effect has been decreased. Previously, a normal Titan eject caused damage over an unintentionally large area of effect, slightly larger than the circle outlining the statue in Corporate. This has been reduced, and the damage has been reduced as well. This brings the effect in-line with the ejection visual FX. The original intent of the eject explosion damage was to reward an ejecting pilot for accurately anticipating or baiting an enemy Titan into an execution attempt, but the size of the explosion made this too easy.

    Nuclear Eject - Now does more damage against Titans. Previously an Atlas with full health could survive a close range Nuclear Ejection. Given the long "tell" that Nuclear Eject has, we decided it is appropriate for it to decimate Titans that are within the blast radius.

    Build time - Shooting enemy mega turrets or evacuation drop-ships now rewards you with Titan Build Time or Titan Core Charge Time. You do not get build time for the regular drop ships because they do not hover long enough to make destroying them a reasonable or gameplay-meaningful player objective.

    Dome shield

    You can no longer knock a Titan out of its dome shield with Titan melee.

    No longer tries to do damage to other Titans if they are in their own dome shield. Previously there were circumstances where this could result in a Titan unintentionally taking damage.

    Now protects Titans against nearby Titanfall splash damage.

    Emp effects - No longer mess up your screen while you are inside dome shield.

    MVP - Killing the other team's MVP now gets you 25 points.

    CTF Assist points - Players are now awarded Capture the Flag assist points. If you help carry a flag back to base you will receive 100 points as long as the flag was never returned by the other team between you possessing it and your teammate capturing it.

    CTF Titan Adjustment - The ability to embark into your Titan with the flag has been removed. You will now need to utilize teamwork and can ride on a teammates Titan with the flag.

    Titanfalls - Disabled Titanfall near the evacuation location and stopped Titanfall from doing damage to the drop-ship. Dropping your Titan on the evacuation ship was not an intended behavior.

    BUG FIXES (All Platforms)

    Improved next game map and mode selection, so the chance of replaying the same map or mode as the last game should be very rare.

    Fixed NPCs not cycling between locations while defending Hardpoints in Hardpoint Domination.

    Fixed Bish / Blisk erroneously broadcasting the capture status of a Hardpoint to players that were out of range.

    Fixed an audio issue where notification dialogue from the Player's Titan might unintentionally be cut short or fail to play.

    Reduced accidental pilot ability activations from pressing 'A' to respawn when using the "Bumper Jumper" controller config.

    Fixed case where a pilot is rodeoing a Titan, and the Titan pilot ejects and collides with the rodeo'er, resulting in one or both pilots falling abruptly to the ground.

    Fixed unintentional death that resulted from ejecting out of an out of bounds trigger.

    Fixed case where Titan firing weapon while auto-ejecting will cause cloak to cancel.

    Fixed cases where a rodeo'ing player or ejecting Titan pilot can become stuck in a solid object.

    Fixed case in Rise where your Titan would teleport inside a building after you embark.

    Fixed places where a Titan could be unintentionally dropped.

    The Kill Card (the information about what killed you or your Titan) now shows up if you have Auto Eject. Previously it did not.

    Arc Cannon rumble will no longer continue if you disembark while charging the weapon.

    Arc Cannon idle effects will now properly play in all circumstances.

    Pilot weapons will no longer disappear inside the Evacuation drop-ship.

    Fixed a bug where the count on score splashes could be incorrect if the same event had different XP values.

    Kill Cards will now always display the attacker's remaining health. It previously could be pushed off by excessively long names.

    Improved the sounds associated with Electric Smoke to increase awareness for the attacker and victims.

    The Titan VO will no longer incorrectly say you're outnumbered when allies are nearby.

    The missile from the Amped Archer will now play proper whiz-by and impact sounds.

    Improved the sound when Auto-Titans use the XO-16 with the accelerator mod.

    Fixed several crashes.

    Fixed burn cards being awarded during private match. This was not the intended behavior.

    Fixed some weapon and mod names not displaying properly in the weapons menu.

    Fixed private match showing XP after a match even though no XP was earned.

    Grenades will now drop if you're killed before throwing them.

    Fixed a case where AI could be briefly frozen in place.

    Fixed case of multiple Titan drops happening on the same spot at the same time.

    Further reduced the bandwidth used when connecting to a server, for improved load times.

    Improved the view-kick effect when firing the B3 Wingman. Damage and behavior have not changed.

    When you are killed by a Titan execution, you will now be treated to a kill replay that begins about 5 seconds earlier than it previously did, which helps you better understand what were the circumstances of your death.

    Source - X360A

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