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Titanfall dev has a "bit of fear" over game's release

NaCLy AF Feb 3, 2014

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    Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment is excited about the game's upcoming launch next month, but the studio is also experiencing another emotion: fear.

    "Yes, but mixed with a bit of fear," Respawn cofounder Vince Zampella said to a fan on Twitter who asked if he was excited about the game's release on March 11.

    It appears the studio's trepidation surrounding Titanfall's launch comes down to the multiplayer-themed game's heavy dependence on its networking features, including its cloud-based functionality.

    "We want the launch to be as smooth as possible," Zampella added. "Beta should help."

    Last month, Respawn confirmed that a beta for Titanfall would be held on Xbox One and PC, but would not reveal its launch date, believed to be February 14--Valentine's Day. Zampella has now confirmed that you won't need to preorder Titanfall to gain access to the beta.

    Unfortunately, it remains unclear how you'll be able to enter the beta.

    Source: GameSpot
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