Titanfall 2 in the works, says insider

FatPat666 Aug 17, 2014

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    Titanfall 2 in the works, says insider; EA announces new DLC Pack at 2014 Gamescom

    Titanfall which was released back in March earlier this year, has already a sequel in the works according to an insider working with the development team. Not only that but sources also suggest that both developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher Electronic Arts are looking to release the sequel as a multiplatform title which includes releasing it on Sony's PlayStation 4 console.
    This news further confirms that EA regrets making Titanfall an XBOX One console exclusive in this report by GamingBolt. In the interview by the insider, he also says that EA is "sorry" for not bringing Titanfall to Sony's Playstation console.
    Respawn Entertainment ,who also previously worked with the "Call of Duty" franchise, reportedly signed a deal with EA to continue working on the Titanfall Franchise in this article by GameSpot.
    Titanfall has won multiple awards in last year's E3 conference but was criticized by many for "just being Call of Duty with mechs". In terms of sales numbers, EA, in a bizarre move hasn't released these numbers just yet as reported by Forbes. This comes as a surprise since Sony has released their sales numbers for 'Infamous: Second Son' which garnered less sales numbers compared to Titanfall which were both released on the same month.
    The console war between the newly released XBOX One and PlayStation 4 is getting more intense and exclusive video game titles are what drive sales numbers up. And since Sony just announced in Gamescom earlier this week that they have sold 9 million PS4 units since launch further implies that EA really wanted more sales for Titanfall even though they themselves stated that it is it is the best-selling XBOX One game back in June.
    Fans will just have to wait until EA or Respawn Entertainment gives more updates to give out when it comes to the sequel to Titanfall which is coming to PS4/PS3, Xbox 360/One, and PC. As for now EA is planning to make more content and is planning to announce the third Titanfall DLC at Gamescom according to Joystiq. The event will also be streamed live on the EA's official website where you can watch it.


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