Titanfall’ PS4 and PS3 ports referenced in data files.

XPG Darkside Feb 21, 2014

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    The multiplayer beta for “Titanfall” was recently made available for the PC and Xbox One. According to a report from Gamepur on Feb. 18, one fan was able to perform a teardown of the computer version of the beta test, revealing some potentially interesting information.

    Code lines mentioning the PS3 and PS4 were found in the texture files of “Titanfall” on the PC. The discovery indicated that the Xbox platform exclusive video game may have been planned at some point for the two Playstation consoles.

    “Titanfall” was previously rumored to come out to the PS4 several months after lanching first on the PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. However, Electronic Arts and Microsoft apparently made a new deal that secured the life-time exclusive of the video game on Xbox platforms.

    However, the exclusivity of the potential sequel is still up in the air. An insider claimed that Sony Computer Entertainment is actively trying to bring the franchise to the PS3 and PS4.

    On the other hand, Microsoft could be negotiating a similar deal with Electronic Arts that they have with Activision and the “Call of Duty” series. As a result, the next “Titanfall” video game may be advertised exclusively for the Xbox platforms in addition to featuring timed-exclusive DLC.

    The first game of the series is coming out for the PC and Xbox One on March 11th as well as the Xbox 360 on March 25th.

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