Thunder wolves +4 Cheat Trainer Xbox 360

Bullet Jan 21, 2014

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    This download is a cheat Trainer for Thunder Wolves on Xbox 360. This trainer created by Losparo is a +4 meaning it has 4 cheat options which can be accessed from the trainer menu.

    About Thunder Wolves:

    “When Thunder Wolves opens up to broad appeal, it becomes about abnormally abrasive response. Survival is often sheer will, skylines overloaded with missile indicators, heavy machine gun ammunition, and stray rockets. Living chaos is preferred to give this retro-fueled shooting fest visual spunk, even when it strains plausibility. Combatants are nary drug lords or corruptible oil barons so much as small countries with militaristic might resembling North America.”

    About This developer:

    Losparo is a key member of Team XPG, a great Team Player and a Trainer creating machine. If you are familiar with this site then you will be familiar with the quality of Losparo's mods.

    Latest Mods from This Developer:

    Ace Combat 6 Fires Of Liberation +6 Trainer

    Split Second +4 Trainer

    Conan +4 Trainer

    Cheat Trainer Options:

    Unlimited ammo/no reload

    Quick Gain Score (2k each kill)

    Auto fill nitro on release/no wait time

    No Timer in Events

    How To Use This Trainer:
    Download Files

    Place in game directory

    Launch TDDev_TrainerLoader.xex

    Launch game

    Press back + dpad down for trainer menu


    PLEASE NOTE! If you have trouble downloading the files, try a different browser. Medafire seems to cause issues in some browsers.

    Title Id:584113F5

    Media ID: 00000000

    TU = 0


    Created by Losparo

    TeamXPG Sr
    - ADDZ - XPGObyto- Bullet -- BxRKings - begallegal1
    - XPGSensi420 - GoldZ - AlexKyori -f1l3gr3n-

    TeamXPG Dev
    Whit ey -redhulk- JohnAKAGoldGiver-MastaOfEvil -
    -- XPGAurora -t3fury -losparo-XPGRocky-AAW- Froody


    Click here to download and thank the developer
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