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This is No Introduction. It's a Request/Bug Report For This Site.

CabooseSayzWTF Dec 17, 2019

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    Hello, You can call me CabooseSayzWTF
    I go by that everywhere else, but I created this acc years ago and have stuck with it here, I barely ever post, but I am posting now because I am sick and tired of seeing this site crumble under it's own weight.

    List of issues
    1. Template errors everywhere.
    2. JavScript errors all the time when clicking on threads.
    3. Sometimes clicking category's will throw huge template errors and or send you other than where you clicked.
    4. Number of pages being cut off it would be like 1, 2, 3, 4 and the 2 3 4 and so on the bottom half's will be cut off the number.
    5. Theres so many bugs it's hard to list them all, so these are the major ones atm I have noticed.

    This is all caused by bad management and maintenance.

    My next issue is ads, this site is literally filled with them and have been for some years now. I get you need the money to run the site, we all understand, but at least have ad management and make them more categorized and neat instead of taking up over half of the screens, and making it nearly impossible to click a thread without miss-clicking on a add, that can send you to some weird site or cause massive template and java script errors.

    Whoever owns XPG, for the love of god update the software and optimize the site. I could careless about the Modding tool Revolution, but it would be great to have a proper fix for it, or than that work around to have it working, regardless this post is about fixing the site.

    So as a concerned member please do something about this great site or it too will crumble so hard it will fall apart beyond repair.

    Who ever see's this Let them know we care, so please fix the site or bring freelance staff on to help update.
    Just a update to know something is being done would help greatly.

    - The reason i'm posting this here is because It says I don't have permission to post in the appropriate category.
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    So this shouldnt have been in the introductions section right? The reason this site is going downhill is because everyone has moved on with their lives or just left and pretty much given up on modding the 360.
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