Preview The Phantom Pain Revealed at the VGAs 2012

Rocky Dec 9, 2012

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    The first big game announcement has emerged from the Video Game Awards 2012, and it's an intriguing looking new IP from new studio Moby **** titled 'The Phantom Pain'. A publisher has yet to be confirmed for the title.

    In the trailer, a man awakes from a coma or traumatic operation of some sort, only to find he has a prosthetic limb and more than a few bandages on some nasty wounds. Stumbling to his feet, as the hospital where he's being held is invaded, the protagonist makes a break for it.

    He resembles old man Solid Snake, but evidently, this isn't a Metal Gear title. Little is known about The Phantom Pain at time of writing, but it looks to be rather interesting. You'll find the trailer embedded below. No platforms or further details were revealed.

    Source - X360A

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