The Perks of Gaining Developer Status on XPG

t3fury Apr 30, 2014

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    XPGamesaves a place to share and show off your mods and talent. XPG welcomes all types of mods and host's the Perfect Platform to showcase all your mods and development projects including Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Android and much more.

    We Welcome all types of developers, those with a wide range of knowledge and those who are just starting out, We have a great support network for all who wish to start developing and creating your own mods. XPGamesaves has a strong community and is currently home to 651,851 members which increases daily, on average we have 900+ new members each day.

    All mods on XPG are special but the mods that are unique can get promoted to the homepage and/or promoted by are Media team, Developers from other communities are also welcome to XPG.

    Developers who display outstanding talent or show great potential may have the privilege of been invited to TeamXPG.

    Perks of having developer status on XPG
    Great Platform to showcase your tools or projects
    Stepping stone to join TeamXPG
    Promoted by Team Media
    Free Unlimited access to our Gold Section
    much more
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    This is an amazing opportunity for members to show off there mods and get rewarded at the same time ;)
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    Great thread t3 hopefully a few more develops might bring themselves forward :)

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