The Order 1886: Half Breed Humans

Nasyr Nov 10, 2014

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    The Order begins around the time of the 8th century where humans start to take on animal like traits and features. These human creatures are also known as half-breeds. A major war breaks out among these two different species of people. Humans were losing this devastating war till a new leader arose, King Arthur. This also included the Knights of the Round Table which discover a potion like substance called Black Water. This potions gives the ability for healing and also it expands the life of humans. The combining together of these factors has lead to futuristic granted access of weapons that will turn the tides of the war towards their favor.

    As I just took off this quick summary of intense stuff pretty quick, I would like you to really see how cool this game looks and is. Check out the trailer to this game Here. The trailer starts out in a momentous dark building. It looks like it could be the breeding grounds for the half-breeds or a recently evacuated building that has been reported of having a half-breed in it. As the trailer goes along it even makes my hairs raise as all he has is the lantern to lead him through this building while everything else is dark. Eventually he finds the half-breed which it now becomes a cat and mouse game. He tries to hide from the half-breed...

    As this event unfolds the half-breed grows bigger like a werewolf transformed creature. Now it's about 10 feet tall as to before it was only an average humans height. As the man continues to hide from the creature as his bullets seem not to be stopping it, the werewolf sniffs him out. Until all of a sudden the half-breed finds him and he turns to run. But then he gets thrown and injured further more to immobility. Only to turn and look at the huge werewolf leaping towards him...

    What are your thoughts on the trailer and game? What else could become of it?
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