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The Last Of Us Remastered: Review

steadler69 Aug 2, 2014

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    So how does one compare a last generation game from 2013, yup just one year ago, to current gen graphics on the PS4?​
    Well let me tell you how......​
    The Last Of us 2013 edition on the PS3 won over 200 game of the year awards, and was considered by many to be the greatest game in the last decade, big words when the game is created by none other than Crash Bandicoot's creators, but did it hold the hype?​
    Well for me personally, i did not get to play The Last Of Us on the PS3, mainly down to the fact that i didn't own one and could not warrant spending that much cash just for one game, However saying that, when i head The Last Of Us: Remastered edition was coming to the PS4 i had to buy a PS4, i did not want to miss out on the opportunity this time around.​
    So it began, and let me tell you, Wow! that is the only word to describe it's pure beauty, The graphics on the remastered version are almost flawless. Yes you can still tell its a game, but some parts you are thinking, it looks just like real life, now all gamers have said that at some point, hell i remember being in awe over the graphics of Super Mario Bros 3, I am sure the majority of the people reading this will too.​
    Let's Continue......​
    So graphics are not everything in a game, people like me play games for the gameplay element, i mean come on, one of my all time favorite games is Minecraft.​
    Gameplay is wonderful, and with the Remastered edition you get all DLC that was previously released for the 2013 version, right from the get go, so it is a bargain at just £39.99 GBP, if you got a day one edition like me, you will also benefit from these savvy perks....​
    • Increased Crafting Speed
    • Increased Healing Speed
    • 9mm Reload Speed Upgrade
    • Rifle Clip Capacity
    • Two Skins for Joel and Ellie
    • Bonus XP for Multiplayer
    These perks really help in the survival of TLOU​
    So the main narrative of the game follows Joel, a man who twenty years previous lost his daughter when the outbreak began, He is now tasked with the terrifying task of escorting young Ellie across the city and re unite her with the fireflies, as they believe she is the key to finding a cure for the mass spread of infection around the world.​
    On your travvels you meet new people, kill some people and fight for your life, and find new ways to survive, it is all very intense and you can really feel yourself growing a bond with each character you meet, especially Ellie.​
    Multiplayer is very much to be desired and does not sit well in a game like this for me, however why does it need to with such a great single player.​
    All in all i must say 200 game of the year awards and title of best game of the decade are all very underated, this is by far the greatest game i have ever played, the story alone is enough to make any man sob, and that's when Joel and Ellie are happy and having fun, you can feel a real connection between characters, and the story is told beautifully. We can forgive Naughty Dog for Multiplayer, it wasn't needed but they through it in anyway for the fans.​
    This game gets a 10/10 for me which is still too low of score.​
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