The Last Of Us: Killing Micro Transactions

Bullet Dec 11, 2014

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    We as gamers are getting used to being shafted one way or another, whether it be paying for broken or half finished games on release, or micro transactions to make the experience 'more enjoyable!'

    Naughty Dog just took micro transactions way too far in the PS4 version of The Last Of Us. You can now purchase special executions that feature in the multiplayer mode for $1 each. Although it doesn't seem a lot, there are actually nine of these special executions which you purchase. Not thrown enough money at Naughty Dog? Fear not because in addition to the 'Special' executions, there is also a host of DLC including including new weapons bundles, gestures and some other 'must have' features which you can spend your hard earned cash on, check out the bundles and pricing below:

    Tactical Weapons Bundle ($3 or $1 each) - Includes the Tactical Shotgun, Burst Pistol, Frontier Rifle, and Crossbow.
    Risk Management Survival Skills Bundle ($3 or $1 each) - Includes new skills Lone Wolf, Second Chance, Jack of All Trades, Lucky Break, and Lethal Efficiency.
    Misfit Head Item Bundle ($7/individual pricing varies) - Includes the Viking Hat, Plague Mask, Smiley Mask, Outlaw Mask, Ski Goggles, Broken Gas Mask, Ballistic Helmet, and Urban Camo Helmet
    Gestures Pack 2 ($2.50 or $1 each) - Includes Dust Myself Off, Evil Laugh, Game Over, and Intimidation
    Gestures Pack 3 ($2.50 or $1 each) - Includes You're Done, Combat Formation, Stretch, and I'm Watching You

    If it makes the bitter pill of micro transactions any easier to swallow, the special executions which you are paying handsomely for are only available on the PS4 version of the game, due to graphical constraints on the PS3.

    Merry Christmas!
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    wow when will games companys stop tryin 2 coin even more money outta there customers

    sadly this is looking more inevitable as the way forward for gaming :(
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    All big games are or will be doing the same, The companies that make these are not satisfied with the £40+ they're getting.<br><br>
    Its all greed :(

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