The Fastest Selling Console of All Time?

Grizzy Nov 13, 2017

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    The Switch is on fire right now, and Nintendo thinks it will stay that way.

    Since its release in March 2017, Nintendo’s Switch has sold nearly 7.63 million units according to the company’s most recent financial reports. This is a solid number, but Nintendo thinks it’s going much higher in the near future.

    According to veteran industry reporter Takashi Mochizuki at the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is about to make some big moves with the Switch. Mochizuki didn't quote any Nintendo executives directly, but according to information sourced from “people with direct knowledge on the matter” Nintendo will ramp-up production of the Switch by 25-30 million units in the next fiscal year (starting in march 2018). This is a BIG increase: it triples the originally planned production numbers, and if Nintendo does follow through with this, the company would end up shipping a total of 50 million units by April 2019!

    To put these numbers in perspective, this production path would make the Switch the fastest selling Nintendo console ever -- and down the road possibly the fastest selling of all consoles ever. The PS4 is currently on track to earn this title as it already hit 50 million units shipped last December -- but that was after 3 years of being on the market. The Switch is poised to hit that 50M milestone in just over one year after its launch!


    Will the Switch revive Nintendo sales back to the Wii glory days?

    But let’s not forget the Wii U, which did similarly amazing in its early days (particularly in the first quarter), but ended up being an abject failure soon after. The Wii-U has just 13.5m units sold to date (since 2012!!)


    So what has been the reason for the success of the Switch this past year, and why isn’t Nintendo worried it will soon end up like its last console? It seems Nintendo has really taken the mistakes of the Wii-U to heart in an attempt to avoid the same pitfalls. They have totally SWITCHed-up the console itself, and I think the idea of a home system you can take on the go has really clicked with a lot of people.

    But really the success of the Switch so far is because of the awesome console-exclusive games. You can’t really ask for a better launch game than Breath of the Wild, and the recently released Super Mario Odyssey is amazing as well -- both I think are game of the year contenders. There was also Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle among others. But Nintendo is going to need some amazing games in 2018 to continue this momentum.


    So far, according to Hideki Yasuda of Ace Research Institute and data gathered from game sales, the Switch isn’t being played much by casual gamers. This is usually the typical Nintendo player in my experience, and a market that Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima says will be targeted heavily in 2018. So surely there will be some fun new games coming very soon!

    What Switch games are you guys looking forward to in 2018? And what have been your favorites of 2017?

    Check back soon for a list of some of the top upcoming Switch-exclusive games!

    You can find more Nintendo sales numbers for all their released hard/software here: IR Information : Sales Data - Dedicated Video Game Sales Units


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