The Division Beta Plagued By Clientside Hacks, Infinite ammo, health and super speed.

Bullet Feb 1, 2016

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    Ubisoft has been under fire on Reddit and Twitter by the gamers that had pre-ordered The Division and participated in the games closed beta, only to find out that modders are rampaging through the game with infinite ammo, super speed and more.
    This is of some concern for those that have already purchased the game. According to one Reddit user, "The Division's stats (excluding currencies and health) are calculated and stored on the client, and server just accepts it without any checking."
    This would mean that modders would have access to unlimited ammo, super-speed, no recoil, unlimited medkits and more.
    Apparently these mods are not just possible due to a lack of anticheat, rather that it is down to a global networking architecture problem.
    The superspeed mod is actually really problematic, once a player edits their player speed, the server can not keep track of the players position which results in modded players becoming invisible.
    As a result of these mods, pre-orders are being cancelled, unsurprisingly Ubisoft stepped in to offer a response via the official forum:
    "Guys, so you're aware the things discussed here are not in fact hacks or cheats, but merely abuse of glitches that exist in the game currently," says community manager Natchai.
    "These glitches are currently being worked on by the team."
    We would have to disagree with Ubisoft on this one, these do not appear to be glitches that can be easily ironed out. The game rolls out on March 8th, so it looks like some major changes need to be made to the game before then.
    Check out the mods in action here:
    The Division Infinite Ammo hack
    The Division Speed Hack
    The Division Rank Hacking
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    Now thats going to be at least a 4gb fix for all of those who get the day one edition of this game.

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