The cheapest PS4: Where to buy it in the UK and USA.

XPG Darkside May 20, 2014

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    All the best deals in the UK and US, both for standalone consoles and software bundles.


    You can’t suffer the itching any more. You need to buy a PS4. Where’s cheapest? In the UK it’s Gamestop, seemingly, and in the US there’s no discernible difference between any of the major retailers. Sucks to be American. Apart from the fact that the $399 Americans pay for the console (pre-tax) is £237. Sucks to be British.

    Cheapest standalone consoles (UK)

    We’ve only included consoles under £400. Gamestop appears to be the cheapest place in the UK to buy a new PlayStation 4 at the moment.

    Best bundles (UK)

    Not much point having a PS4 if you don’t have anything to play on it. Yes, there’s all that lovely PSN stuff, but you want a goddamn disc to spin in your purdy new Blu-ray drive. Here’s how to get a game cheapest.
    Hello America! What with being American and all, you probably don’t want to buy from European retailers.

    We’ve got good and bad news for you. The good: PS4 costs less in the US (before tax) than in Europe. The bad: the price parity for PS4 consoles among US retailers is so exact you could use it as an atomic clock. Yes, you have choice. But not in price.

    We’ve saved you a giant $0.99 by shopping around. You can thank us later. Also, your bundling options suck. Sorry about that.

    Standalone consoles (US)
    • Walmart – PS4 500Gb console – $399
    • Amazon – PS4 500Gb console – $399
    • Sam’s Club – PS4 500Gb console – $399
    • Best Buy – PS4 500Gb console – $399.99
    • CHEAPEST PRE-OWNED CONSOLE: GameStop – PS4 500Gb console – $399.99,$379.99 pre-owned.
    • Target – PS4 500Gb console – $399.99
    • NewEgg – PS4 500Gb console – $399.99

    • Dell – 500Gb console – $399.99

    Best bundles (US)

    We’re using the word “best” sparingly here. There really isn’t much to go on if you’re in the market for a cheap disc to play on your new console.
    • CHEAPEST CONSOLE WITH A GAME: Amazon – PS4 500Gb console with Knack –$429.99
    • Amazon – PS4 500Gb console with Battlefield 4 and a year of PlayStation Plus (through partner retailer) – $553.39 + $3.99 shipping
    • Amazon – PS4 500Gb console with Killzone Shadow Fall and a year of PlayStation Plus (through partner retailer) – $549.99 + $7.54 shipping
    • Best Buy – PS4 500Gb console with Call of Duty: Ghosts – $449.98
    • GameStop – PS4 500Gb console with InFamous Second Son – $477.97
    • NewEgg – PS4 500Gb console with inFamous Second Son Limited Edition, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and an extra Dual Shock 4 (Black) – $539.99
    • Dell – PS4 500Gb console with Knack or Killzone Shadowfall – $459.99

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