Preview The Cave's Second Character Trailer Acquaints You With The Twins, Knight et al

Rocky Dec 14, 2012

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    A second character trailer for Double Fine and SEGA's The Cave has surfaced from the murky depths of the internet, showing the remaining four characters not shown in the previous character trailer. The Monk, Hillbilly and the Scientist were the stars of the previous video, which we've also posted below for you to watch again.

    In the latest video, you'll see the Adventurer, the Knight, the Time Traveler and the Twins making their way through the subterranean pasageways, solving puzzles and enagaging in the unique elements of their very own stories. In The Cave, there's a total of seven characters each with their very own narrative paths and endings to uncover.

    You'll choose three out of these seven adventurers, enabling you to play solo or with friends in 3-player couch co-op. The Cave is out on the Xbox Live Arcade in January 2013.

    Vid >>

    Vid >>

    Source - X360A

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