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UnrealSource Oct 2, 2016

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    This is a converter for Xbox 360 source engine games to convert dat closed caption files to the Xbox 360 format. Created by UnrealSource.

    I made numerous tools and mods for the Xbox 360 source engine awhile back such as a texture converter, audio converter, model converter, mod menu creator, script creator, texture packs etc. It has been awhile and I wanted to release some of the mods. Here is the Source Engine Xbox 360 Dat Converter.

    This tool converts dat closed caption files to be used for Xbox 360 source engine games such as Half Life 2, Portal 2, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, etc.

    To use it:
    Open Unreal360DatConverter.exe
    Select conversion mode (file or folder)
    Select the source dat file that you want to be converted
    Select the target dat file where you want to save the converted file
    Hit convert and the converted file will be created

    Make sure not to move any of the dll or exe files that are with the main execuatable.
    This program needs those files to function and will not run without them.

    Also, if you like console applications better, the syntax for the application is:
    unreal_dat -src <source dat> -trg <target dat>
    Using closed captions, you can make mod menus for each directory in your config. These are visual displays that can make it easier to use your mods. The closed captions can be used for numerous other purposes as well. You can use any text with any effect.
    Here is a very simple and small example of a mod menu with closed captions:


    Thanks and have fun.

    Download Here

    Created by UnrealSource

    List of my mods:
    Unreal 360 Dat Converter
    Unreal 360 Vtf Converter
    Unreal 360 Wav Converter
    Unreal Sound Loader
    Unreal Texture Packs

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