Syberia 2 Complete Achievement List

Rocky May 14, 2015

  1. Ro

    Rocky Guest

    Phone Game 50
    Call everyone on the phone

    Trick or Treat 80
    Get Candyroff phone number

    On the way to Syberia 100
    Finish the game

    Gossip 100
    Talk with every character

    Snoop 100
    Find all the game items

    Old School 200
    Finish the game in difficult mode in less than 6 hours

    Secret Achievements

    Doctor Walker 40
    Take Hans to the Patriarch

    Beastmaster 50
    Get a Youki friend

    Flying Kate 50
    Use Boris's plane

    Hansception 50
    Enter the dream

    Heartless 50
    Witness Oscar's sacrifice

    At the edge of the world 50
    Find Syberia

    Memory from Aralbad 80
    Read what happened to Helena Romanski

    Source - X360A

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