Star Wars Battlefront: Battle of Jakku

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    Star Wars Battlefront's upcoming free Battle of Jakku expansion has been detailed during a publisher run Twitch presentation today. Set on desert planet Jakku 29 years before the events of The Force Awakens, Battle of Jakku will feature an all new game mode entitled Turning Point. This 20 vs 20 game mode puts the Imperials on the defensive for once, as they need to protect four frontlines from Rebel forces. If the Imperials can run out the clock with a frontline still standing, they win. If the Rebels wipe out all of the frontlines, they win.​
    The new map will also support Walker Assault, in which the Rebels must take control of three Imperial control points to prevent impending AT-AT Walkers from destroying their base. The Battle of Jakku update will arrive on 8th December for most players, but those with a Season Pass will receive it a week early on the 1st.​
    Here's a new trailer showing how battling for Jakku looks in action:
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