Square Enix: Hitman Leaked - E3 2015

zesp4 Jun 2, 2015

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    A new Hitman game may be on the rise, one of the most stupendous series across all platforms may have another title to add too this years E3 event.

    Square Enix emailed IGN to invite them to their sponsored party at this months E3 event in Los Angeles.What's quite funny about it is that Square Enix had said in the email that it would be for a secret title.


    Yes this is the image that is picture of the Atlantic Ocean and some countries. Take a closer look of the image zoomed in below.


    If you can see it says 47, Hitman was called Agent 47. Also if you're familiar with hitmans official website

    http://hitman.com/ - you can see from it that the background image is the same as the picture above.
    Not so secret Square Enix ironically enough you do make stealth games that involves secrecy etc you're a classified hitman for gods sake.

    So the final conclusion of the article is that you will probably be seeing an announcement of a new hitman title.

    Source: IGN, The Games Cabin
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