Space Chimps Legit order 550g[Legit Order]

NATAS Jan 19, 2011

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    File Name: Space Chimps Legit order 550g
    File Submitter: NATAS
    File Submitted: 19 Jan 2011
    File Category: Xbox360 Legit Order Saves

    made by me Natas 3:16

    this is a new saveset to unlock in legit order 550g. it unlocks everything except the time challenges which can not be saved. there is a few saves already for this game at Xploder but they all unlock "No More Secrets"-Unlock all the bonus content which is out of order also the original save for collecting all bananas did not work but I have tested these and they all work. I know it is an older game but I made a new gamertag and was playing it any way so I made a fresh saveset.

    Save 1 : load save and replay the missions in the following order:

    1.Inside guy - complete the level to unlock - Beast Slayer 60g
    2.Splork's Army - complete the level to unlock - King of the Jungle 40g
    3.Garden Of Beatin'- complete the level to unlock - Master Gardner 40g
    4.Spelunking Monkey - complete the level to unlock - The Escape 50g

    after you have those achievements continue the game it is at the last boss collect the banana in front of you to unlock:

    "Bananas for Bananas"-Collect all the DOLE® Bananas in the game.60g

    there are 4 globhoppers this level one in each corner where the boss is collect them to unlock:

    "Globhopper Magnet."-Collect all globhoppers in a mission.30g

    now defeat the boss without dying and falling off the edge and you will unlock:

    "Bring the Pain"-Defeat all the enemies in a mission 20g
    "No More Secrets"-Unlock all the bonus content.40g
    "Zartog's Demise"-Complete all Zartog's Palace missions.70g
    "Who needs invincibility?"-Complete any mission without dying.35g
    "Nice Balance"-Have Ham complete any mission past Holy Blow Hole! without falling into a pit.35g

    now watch the credits to unlock"Where Credits Due"-Watch the credits all the way through.20g

    save 2:
    load the level Storm the palace. when you come to the room with the second set of lasers in it as soon as you enter the room there will be the last 2 glodhoppers, one one each side of the door and 50g will pop.

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