South Park TSOT- Find Mr Hankys Kids Quest Locations.

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    Quick quide to find Mr Hankys 3 kids in the sewers.

    You need to have done the a**l probe bit in the main quest to get past the ledge where it would seem you cant get past.

    There is also two other quest you can do whilst your down here one if for jimbo where you have to kill the mouse by luring him out with some cheese, and the other one is for Al Gore.

    Anyways back to the guide once you have got past this bit you will find Mr Hanky at his house.


    Note I have allready found and saved the kids but they will be in these locations.

    Numer 1 is here you need to climb up the ladder and then go to the left then down to get on this platform.


    Number 2 is found here, this one is protected by two hobos so kill them to release him.


    And number 3 is found here, this one has rats running around infront of it you kill two or three small ones then a big one to release him.


    After you have found all 3 return to Mr Hanky and he will be alivable to summon once per day to help you in a fight.

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