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Sony expanding PlayStation Now beta -- Check your inbox for an invite

NaCLy AF Mar 28, 2014

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    Sony's PlayStation Now cloud-gaming service launches in full this summer, but you might not need to wait that long to try it out. Sony is now sending out a new wave of beta invitations to the service, multiple users who received notifications told IGN today.

    Invitations with instructions on how to enter the PlayStation Now beta are being sent to your email inbox, so if you haven't already checked today, now would be a good time to do so. You can sign up for a spot in the PlayStation Now beta at Sony's website.

    PlayStation Now is currently undergoing a limited closed beta test before the service launches this summer in the United States. There's no details yet on where Europe will get to play.

    Earlier this month, it was suggested that renting individual games through PlayStation Now could cost $5 or $6, though these figures have not been confirmed. Sony will also offer a Netflix-style subscription package, but Sony hasn't said what this will cost.

    Though Sony is hot on the prospect of cloud-gaming, not all gaming companies are. Mega-retailer GameStop yesterday canceled its own in-development cloud-gaming service after the retailer said they believe gamers are not ready to adopt cloud-gaming in a meaningful way.

    Source: GameSpot
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