Sonic Unleashed Hot Dog Achievements (Save Set)

darrenmillenium Mar 25, 2014

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    I Have spent alot of time on Sonic Unleashed and noticed that nobody has put up the Hot Dog Missions to help people that are stuck so I have only just managed to complete them and here is my Save Set hope they can be useful for you all

    all you need to do is download, rehash and play the remaining missions in each area thats it once you complete said Mission you will unlock the Achievement

    I have also included a save that will hopefully give Hungry Hungry Hedgehog!!

    Mission List!

    Holoska - Day Mission Collect 500 Rings and Reach the Finish

    Chun-Nan - Night Mission Survival

    Adabat - Night Mission Time Trial

    Shamar - Night Mission Time Trial

    Empire City - Night Mission Time Trial

    Spagonia - Night Mission Survival

    Mazuri - Night Mission Survival

    Eggmanland - Just Finish Level 3

    Apotos - it was Night or Day can't remember but still only one Mission on Seperate save

    The Hungry Hungry Hedgehog Save Just complete 1 Mission in the place I haven't Started it should pop up

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